Enter a social club like no other

  • An Exclusive Web3 Social Club

    Mint one of three NFT membership cards to gain access to Rabbit Hole's extensive ecosystem. Membership levels are priced at .1, .2, and .3 eth, and are limited to 5000, 3000, and 2000 entries respectively. Membership is for life and also transferrable.

  • Mixed Reality, Unique Avatars

    The Wonderland mobile dApp synchronizes with every NFT and wallet. Each NFT will have personalized and dynamic augmented reality content, blurring the boundaries between reality and the metaverse. Participate in adventurous quests and earn rewards, or assign others your own quests!

  • $MAD You're Here

    All NFT holders will be airdropped our $MAD token, allowing participation in governance and the Rabbit Hole DAO. Our premium membership services (AI news and trading insights, co-working / co-living, exclusive events and drops, and more) can be accessed and paid for with $MAD.




    • Is membership

      As long as you hold Rabbit Hole NFTs, you are guaranteed to have access to Rabbit Hole and shadow__efftect that corresponds to your level of membership.

    • Is membership

      You can transfer or sell your NFTs at whatever their market value is at the time, but your membership access will be revoked until you again hold a NFT to qualify for membership. There will be rewards for members who continue to hold through every season, and those who join in early.

    • Are there rewards to buying in
      Season 1?

      Yes! Season 1 will be the most important community in Rabbit Hole's ecosystem, as they will have the most influence over future proposals in the DAO, and will receive other exclusive benefits for being early.

    • When will be the launch of the private
      Discord server, shadow__efftect

      There are a few channels available for public access on our Discord now, and we will launch the private features of shadow__efftect soon after we reach enough members to justify opening access.

    • When will there be community

      As season 1 members grow, we will launch the Rabbit Hole DAO and enact governance, allowing the community to vote on future proposals and projects starting in season 2.

    • What else can the NFTs be used for?

      We will have an internal currency / token ($MAD) that you will automatically get airdropped just for holding our NFTs. $MAD will be our internal currency used for a variety of Rabbit Hole services, not just used for governance or membership. When coliving spaces are announced, you'll be able to pay your rent in $MAD as well!

    • Will there be social avatars, or a metaverse?

      We are partnering with several gaming platforms that will allow for customized avatars from Rabbit Hole, and are committed to building spaces for members in whatever the most popular metaverse platforms become, including VR spaces.



    For Partnerships and Questions, Available At All Hours

    Support Email

    [email protected]